Welcome Kia Ora players old and new to the 2019 season! We're excited to kick this season off so get the registration form filled out below and get netball ready. We can't wait to see you on the court. 

Congratulations to everyone! We had a stellar turn out this year and look forward to the coming season with you all.

Here are the teams for the 2019 season:

Team 1

Coach: Kirstin Semmins

Ri Todd
Keely Betham
Tayla Afoa
Renee Callis
Rose Berghan
Abby Hauraki
Briar Hill
Box Cameron
Gabby McCall
Courtnee Walker
Alanah White

Team 2

Anna Thornton
Rosie Gunther
Tayler Boeyen
Emma Bevin
Tessa Walsh
Rachel Holliday
Hannah Bellamy
Shay Treacey
Zara Simpson
Mereli Elisaia

Team 3

Coaches: Ri Todd + Hannah Bellamy

Catherine Garland
Natasha Frewin
Kelsi Reynolds
Heidi Blackburn
Olivia Ching
Mikayla Turner
Emma Haves-Jonathan
Mel Calder
Ainslie Drysdale
Georgia Cottrell

Team 4

Coach: Courtnee Walker

Jess Williamson
Treacy Lucas
Liz Viggars
Caitlin McLaren
Havana Aramoana
Emma Kew
Emma Muirhead
Kayla Miller
Emma Toohey
Katie Goulin

Team 5

Katie Anderson
Katherine Francis
Rose McLellan
Desiree Harawira
Sarah Berry
Cora Congdon
Zoe Tape
Rebecca Butler
Sophia Menzies
Brooke Paaka

Team 6

Coach: Natasha Frewin

Ally Jepperson
Steph Ross-Smith
Zoe Graves
Lydia Shieff
Lucy Kenner
Lydia Roughan
Eileen Boni
Hannah Pattinson
Adelaide Gleadow
Courtney Trass
Adele Hawk

Team 7

Coach: Abby Mainini

Emily Humble
Erin Carter
Lucy Knowles
Panu Adams
Amaria Osman
Alex Kendrew
Francis Laurence
Kate Sinclair
Katarina Williams
Kelsey Holden
Hannah Smith

Team 8

Kansas Davis
Tiri Connell,
Katarina Barker
Gemma Edgecombe
Rosie Anderson
Ange Vinsen
Gabrielle Frewin
Fiona Dalley
Nikki Inkster
Sam Green

Team 9  

Coach: Kansas Davis & Amy Jackman

Aimee Dartnall
Stacey Owen
Ellen Jackman
Kate Kensington
Lauren Morrison
Ashleigh Matheson
Gemma Birse
Emily Standing
Nicole Hutchinson
Patricia Leary

Team 10

Coach: Perdi Barnes

Kirsten Lantz
Tenille Nicol
Justine Nicol
Amy Smith
Annette Franklin
Emily McPhail
Beth Christieson
Kirsty MacDonald
Alice McNicol

Team 11 

Coaches: Amy Dartnall and Stacey Owens

Shanti Cornish
Laura Price
Nicole Kennington
Laura Robinson
Terina McGregor
Emma Blake
Rhi Saxon
Louise Cooney
Terina Adams
Melissa Julian

Team 12

Felicity Fozard
Erin Grace
Sarah Dowling
Ashleigh de Vries
Katie Little
Ali Breckon
Jen Young
Annaliese Wilson
Jess Molloy
Courtney Harris
Kelly Bennett

Team 13 

Katy Borrows
Samantha Owens
Lauren Watkinson
Shya Davison
Eva Murray
Neha Farouk
Edith Fink
Nicole Scully
Rosie Hopkins
Niki Le Masurier

Team 14

Coaches: Amaria Osman and Lucy Knowles

Emily Skogstad
Courtenay Stevens
Shona Neillsen
Fiona Maddever
Kelly Whelan
Maggie Oakley
Tara Sargeant- O’neill
Mikayla Hight
Samantha Bond
Nicole Geluk

2019 Teams

2019 Trials 

Trials for the 2019 season have now been completed.

Don't forget to register. We have added another field in the registration to allow you to really let us know what you want to get out of the season. This is going to be better for 2 reasons:

1. This will make things a little easier for our wonderful organisers so we can get the closest fit for teams

2. We will potentially pass this through to your coach so they will also know what you are wanting to achieve from the season

So don't forget to fill it out with as much detail as possible.


Funding from Infinity Foundation enables us to keep our subs as low as possible. Your subs go towards your uniform hire,  training indoors (where it's warm and dry), playing and fitness equipment and subsidising social events. 


  • Subs - $240

  • Uniform Hire - $40.00

$30.00 registration due before end of trials, half subs due by first playing Saturday, balance due 15 May. No pay - no play!

TOTAL SUBS - $280.00 pp


  • Kia Ora Netball Club 06-0541-0176914-00

  • Payment plans are available, just ask Gayle or Tess - we just want to you get on the court!


Name *
Position *
Please select your preferred positions
Please provide as much information as possible for this question so we can try our best to give you what you are looking for. Include position preferences from the previous question if you have them. Write a novel if you need! The more the better. "Example: This year I've put chosen GD, WD and C. I'm usually a defence but I would really like the opportunity to try center this year. I played with Jayne Doe last year, if I could play with her again that would be awesome. I'm more on the social side of netball so not too worried about what team I'm in, as long as it's fun!"
Registration Fee Direct Credited ($30)
Registration Fee Direct Credited ($30)
If paid, please advise what date. Note: You can register if you haven't paid your deposit just yet. Just don't forget ;)
Tell the truth :-)
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