Welcome Kia Ora players old and new to the 2017 season! We're excited to kick this season off so get the registration form filled out below and get netball ready. We can't wait to see you on the court. 

2017 Teams

Congratulations everyone, you should be all proud! You made it nice and hard for the selectors.
We know it’s going to be a great season for all teams, so much camaraderie already! Let's keep it up

Here is the full team lista along with coaches below:

Team 2

Coach Becs Todd
Shelby Wilson
Anna Thornton
Heidi Ball
Jessica Young
Emma Bevin
Courtnee Walker
Ashleigh Head
Georgia Cottrell
Erin Kelly
Kirstin Semmens

Team 4

Jade Goddard
Jax Gane
Kirsty Merrett
Renee Cooper
Bridget Tunnicliffe
Flora Kay
Maiea Hamilton
Clare Elcome
Stacey Kwant
1 more TBA

Team 6

Coach Kirsten & Box
Liz Viggars
Steph Sander
Stacey Garnett
Samantha Adlam
Rose Berghan
Amy Smith
Tessa Walsh
Adele Hawk
Adelaide Gleadow
Beth Christieson
Alice Wohlers

Team 8

Coach Gemma Cullen
Ally Jepperson
Jess Molloy
Amy Jackman
Kris Santoso
Tasenka Guilford
Hayley Van Gelder
Nicole Hutchinson
Kylie Chapman
Niquita Jordan
Ashleigh Brown

Team 10

Coach Tash Frewin
Nicole Kennington
Katie Little
Erin Grace
Steph Slattery
Rhi Saxon
Ash de Vries
Nikki Inkster
Rachel Crerer
Christina Lynch
Kayla Bellamy

Team 12

Coach Amy Jackman
Kirstin Lantz
Lizzie Jones
Katie Borrows
Annette Franklin
Emily McPhail
Eva Murray
Kirsty Mcdonald
Melissa Julian
Angela Vincent
Justine Roberts
Nicole Baxter

Team 1

Coach Tessa Brown
Keely Betham
Danielle Hannan
Kate Rickerby
Tamara Baker
Abbie Gwilliam
Sophie Day
Bex O’Sullivan
Claire Campbell
Box Cameron
Melanie Calder

Team 3

Coach Ash Bell
Chloe Winter
Mereli Elisaia
Mi0kayla Turner
Sophia Gowans
Jenna Houpt
Hope Griffiths
Kaille Harris
Bridget McNeil
Holly Peacock
Kansas Davis

Team 5

Coach Hannah Bellamy
Ash Bell
Tash Frewin
Erica Boughtwood
Anna Korsukova
Abi Jordan
Emily Bates
Keeziah Alcorn
Briar Riddell
Kyla Tawa
Penny McLean

Team 7

Coach Courtney Walker
Catherine Scanlan
Kariba McGinn
Sarah Wilson
Amy Collis
Livvy Dunlop
Emma Kew
Lucy Knowles
Amaria George
Andrea Cooke
Rebecca Osborne

Team 9

Coach Kansas & Shelby
Talei Pasikale
Sarah Slatherley
Amy Dartnell
Justine Nicol
Katerina Williams
Holly Maynard
Gemma Cullen
Michelle Chappell
Georgia Hill
Sina Alaifaiva

Team 11

Coach Bex Williams
Rebecca Powell
Stacey Owens
Kellie Langford
Nina Johnstone
Brittany Mc Kendry
Alexandra Bell
Katie Goulin
Eulah Bai
Anna Considine

Team 13

Coach Tasenka Guilford
Marie Harrington
Kate Mountcastle
Becky Abley
Tara Sargent-O’Neill
Tiri Connell
Lucy Edwards
Joanne Abbot
Samantha Owens
Shona Neilsen
Jessica Sciacca

This year there are a few changes to their season. Read the below from Netball Wellington for the full information:

Due to several reasons we have recently changed the start date for the season and the season will now start on Saturday 29th April (we previously advised the season will start the week before on Saturday 22nd April)

The season will now finish on Saturday 2nd September (for club grades)

We have also reduced the number of playing weeks to 17 games (for club grades)

So there is just the 2 rounds during the season, “Round 1” and a Championship Round (no more Challenge Round), but there will be a 3-week finals Series for all grades (Quarter-final, Semi-final & Finals)

There is a different format for the finals of Club grades and the Collegiate grades (as Club grades have 8 teams and Collegiate grades have 6 teams), so please check the format for your teams

There is a full breakdown of all the season dates on the Netball Wellington website

2017 Season Changes


Trials are now closed - However, if you would still like to play, please feel free to register below and we will see what we can do


Funding from Infinity Foundation enables us to keep our subs as low as possible. Your subs go towards your uniform hire,  training indoors (where it's warm and dry), playing and fitness equipment and subsidising social events. 


  • Subs - $220
  • Uniform Hire - $40.00 

TOTAL SUBS - $260.00 pp (cost incl $30 from registration)


  • Kia Ora Netball Club 06-0541-0176914-00

  • Payment plans are available, just ask Gayle or Tess - we just want to you get on the court!

DUE - 15 May (don't make Gayle chase you)


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Registration Fee Direct Credited ($30)
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