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Draw and Umpiring for Saturday 9th July

The draw has had two changes from the online draw published on Tuesday.

First change related to a Kia Ora Team melting from the entire draw (perhaps the snow-people costumes were a little too effective)?

The second change is explained here;

Make sure you know where and when you need to be on Saturday! And good luck to everyone!


To outline what has happened

We had an umpire not show up last Saturday for the 10am PR 1 Promotion game

This caused delays in the start of the game (finding a second umpire) and as such only 3 quarters were played

As this is a crucial game in the context of the competition (with the winner being promoted into Prem 3 for the Championship Round), deliberations on this have gone through several channels to reach the right outcome

The decision has been made to promote both teams into Prem 3

This has the following outcomes


1.       Prem 3 will have 9 teams for the Championship Round. They will play a round-robin only over the remaining 9 weeks of the competition (so no semi-finals or finals) and end-of-year rankings will be based on the finishing Points Table. To ensure that next season starts with the correct number of teams in all grades, 2 teams will be relegated for the start of 2017.

2.       This has created a space in the grades below Prem 3, and as such the teams from Prem Res 1 to Prem Res 4 that were relegated at the end of the Challenge Round have now been restored back to the grades they came from (So no relegation in the Prem Res grades)

3.       The Senior grades still have one team relegated from their grades, but not 2 teams as was the case prior to now


The Draw



Premier Reserve 4           Kia Ora 4 WEGC 3             ASB Court 11


Senior 2                                WN United 2 Kia Ora 8                   ASB Court 06

Senior 1                                SMOG 8 Kia Ora 6                             ASB Court 11


Premier 3                             Kia Ora 1 HHF 1                                 ASB Court 08


Premier Reserve 2            Vic Uni 5 Kia Ora 3                           ASB Court 04

Senior 7                                Vic Uni 25 Kia Ora 12                       ASB Court 06


Senior 6                                Kia Ora 11 Wgtn East 14                 ASB Court 03

Premier Reserve 4          HHF 2 Kia Ora 5                                  ASB Court 02

Premier Reserve 1         Kia Ora 2 Wgtn East 5                       ASB Court 11

Senior 4                           Kia Ora 7 Kia Ora 9                                ASB Court 12


Senior 5                           Kia Ora 10 SCOG 2                                 ASB Court 11


1.00pm Kia Ora 8

2.00pm Kia Ora 1 (4 umpires)

2.00pm Kia Ora 3

3.00pm Kia Ora 5

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