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Challenge Round Begins 18 June 2016

Round 2 Challenge Round (Saturday 18 June - Saturday 2 July)

The Challenge Round enables an opportunity mid-season for additional promotion/relegation. The Challenge Round consists of a quarter final, semi-final and final type format. The three week challenge round is for all Club grades.

The seeding for these games is based on the final positions of teams at the conclusion of Round 1, and after the automatic promotion/relegation. ALL teams will play in each of the three weeks of the Challenge Round, regardless of results.

 The winner of the final in each grade will be promoted and the bottom placed team in each grade will be relegated.




Saturday 8th June 2016



Kia Ora 2 vs

Ories 1

ASB Court 09



Kia Ora 6 vs

Vic Uni 8

ASB Court 11


SCOG 2 vs

Kia Ora 11

ASB Court 12


Kia Ora 3 vs

St Mary's 3

ASB Court 03


St Francis 3 vs

Kia Ora 8

ASB Court 04


Kia Ora 10 vs

Vic Uni 18

ASB Court 12


WN United 1 vs

Kia Ora 1

ASB Court 08


Kia Ora 4 vs

Kia Ora 5

ASB Court 02


Vic Uni 21 vs

Kia Ora 12

ASB Court 06



Kia Ora 7 vs

Kia Ora 9

ASB Court 11


Umpires will be confirmed later in the week...