We will get you next time Team 5!

Kia Ora Team: team 7

Opposition Team Name: team 5

Kia Ora Score: 30

Opposition Score: 28

The game was: So intense and stressful for all 4 quarters

A highlight was : Being up by 5 goals going into the final quarter

A special mention to: POD was Emma she gave it 100% the whole game, she was really strong throughout court and was always there for that second option. She held the team together and kept her head up the entire game! Her partner was constantly on her body the whole game (like a back pack) but she didn't let that effect her game - so proud of your efforts Emma well deserved!!

Following this game we plan to...: Work on our drives from our shooters- mixing up the plays in the circle to keep the Ds on their toes

Thanks to: My partner who came and sat on team 7 bench because my family were all cheering for team 5 (my sisters team), Gayle, toddy, our lovely refs box and Tess and to team 5 for the great competition, probably the most physical and mental game we have had so far this season!!

So close and such a tough game

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 8

Opposition Team Name: St Francis

Kia Ora Score: 27

Opposition Score: 30

The game was: It was a tough game and we did really well against a very experienced team who have played together for years. We had some amazing moments every quarter from every player! Who knows if there was another 5mins in the game I felt we could of won it.

A highlight was : Our defence was solid with Kirsty and Taneska aka T. We won some great position back from our opposition through intercepts, rebounds and loose balls. Nic had a great game at WD and 1 quarter at GK, I know you didn't feel good about your game but I thought you had a fantastic game. Nic won us 4 intercepts which is fantastic and while there was 1 major over throw you are totally allowed too when you create that many turnovers in WD. Hayley was amazing at C with your drives down court and feeding were well timed into the circle. How lucky are we to have a centre that can attack, drive and do intercepts. Chris you were amazing at your timing and they were intentionally targeting you but you managed to get away and always find space to drive back in front of your player for the pass. Jessica you have an amazing centre pass drive and you were always there for Hayley to pass too and your work around the circle to off load to Ally. It was tough job getting it past those tall defenders and while the first few did not quite hit the rest of the game it certainly did. Ally had a strong game at shooting and lucky to have somebody who can also rebound so strong too. Amy did great jumping in at WA and then WD, you watched on the sideline and helped me work out what was working and potentially not working and that is really important because the time you jumped on court you knew exactly what we needed at both ends. Which was calm feeding down court or into the circle, getting in front and owning that space to be the "SAFE" option. Great game. Unfortunately we lost poor Ashleigh to a hand injury and who will be out for the rest of the season which is absolutely gutting.

A special mention to: T (aka Taneska) was player of the day. You had a phenomenal game and you had a field day in regards to intercepts and constant pressure on the opposition which won us lots of turnovers with others jumping to pick up loose balls. Well done!

Following this game we plan to...: I know the game did not go the way we wanted but we managed a bonus point and thats really important. We need to work on get in front of our players in attack and feeding into the circle. If we work on this we will make quarter finals.

Thanks to: All our supporters and to the team members who were off for the quarters to help co-coach with me

Arghhhhh its so hard playing our own club!

Date Played: 15/07/2017

Wolfpack vs Kia Ora 9

Kia Ora Score: 27

Opposition Score: 22

A big thank you to team 9 and their amazing coach Kanas. It so hard playing our own club and it is always more awkward when we have friends playing against friends.


 Wow where to start I can hands down say I think this was our best game to date! And we have had some stunning games but I really felt like our defence our mid court and shooting circle stepped up. We all played our part and we all tried hard to get free and be "SAFE" options for each other. Stacey shot her little bum off, Bex built a wall to protect Stacey, Ash was just amazing with timing of drives and feeding into the circle, Nina was a so strong from attack and defence all through court, Brittany (who was sick!) was amazing in blocking her player and creating chaos for our opposition then calm when feeding back down court, Ally was a super star at GD and was just amazing at intercepting balls galore, Katie had a bloody blinder with GK and then Eulah coming in to shut the circle down even more for the second half was wowsers!

We ALL had such an awesome game. Its a shame the injury to poor Ash happened in the last quarter that could of been avoided if the umpires picked up.

A special mention to

Everybody was amazing

Following this game we plan

We are having a break this weekend but we need to replicate exactly what we did this Saturday because it was not only beautiful to watch we sooo deserve to make finals!!!!

Thanks to

All my amazing Wolfpack that are not playing this year but who are coming down and giving us loads of love and support on the sideline. You ladies absolutely rock!

Kia Ora Squared

Date Played: 15/07/2017

Kia Ora 9 vs Kia Ora Wolfpack

Kia Ora Score: 22

Opposition Score: 27

The game was awesome! Its always great, but hard to play against another Kia Ora team. Great because you know its going to be a good game, and you'll enjoy it, which is why we play netball! Hard because you want both teams to win it for the club. It was a very whistle heavy game on both sides, with a lot of calls that could have been played as advantage, which would have helped with our flow on attack. It was another great defensive game for team 9 with both Michelle and Georgia getting tips in the first minute! Our main goal for the game was to have 3ft. over every ball to stop their flow on attack, which I think the girls did well.


Highlight of the match was when everything came together in the final quarter! Our attacking end connected with our shooters, and used the ball that our defensive end had gotten! We went into the last quarter with 12 goals and down by 8 or 9. I said lets get to 20, and the girls went ahead and blew me away by pulling it back to get within 5!

Special Mention:

Several special mentions today! Talei was named player of the match by team 11 for her control of the circle and her shooting abilities - team 9 named Stacey as team 11's player of the match - guess that means the shooters dominated today!
My personal player of the match was Justine. She was in control of our attacking end, and and came forward for a lot of ball when we were struggling to get out of our defensive end.

Next Steps:

Our passing strength and choice of pass today is what let us down, so on Monday we will be working on driving hard and delivering good ball to our team mates.

And some thanks:

Thanks to Mayce for filling in for us again this week. Big thanks to Bex and team 11 for a great game :)

Bit of a mixed bunch

Date Played: 08/07/2017

Kia Ora 10 vs Vic Uni 18

Kia Ora Score: 21

Opposition Score: 27

A massive thanks for our super subs! and to the coaches for asking round and pulling together players - you guys are amazing!


Talk about a stressful week! Down to 3 regular players due to illness & injury it was starting to look like defaulting was on the cards....
However we managed to scrape together 7 and off we went to face Vic 18.
With new combos (and positions) all over the court, the goal for the team was just to settle and get used to each other. 
Super solid first half with everyone backing each other up, options onto the ball. The attack end was patient and calm, waiting for the space to open & treasuring possession.
Ash stepped up into C and was an absolute workhorse, some lovely quick feeds into the circle and a great help in bringing the ball down court.
Our newly thrown together defensive unit worked well considering they'd never been thrown together in the circle, disrupting the vic shooters and causing havoc with tips & intercepts from both.
Unfortunately we couldn't quite keep it together for the 4 quarters but I was more than happy with everyone's efforts all things considered :) 
Thank goodness we have a week off, rest up and get well ladies - it all starts again on the 22nd!

Our first and last loss lol. It was a strong game of skill so I am super proud anyway

Date Played: 08/07/2017

Kia Ora 11 vs Vic Uni 13

Kia Ora Score: 21

Opposition Score: 20

We had a really strong half and we slowly let this team stay close to our score but maintained the lead throughout the game which is really tough to do. Unfortunately they had a very long injury break with their player not being allowed to move due to a potential rupture. This stopped our momentum and went backwards.


While we lost it was actually a much better performance this week than last week. I am really proud that we kept trying even though we lost a key player in attack. Our defence again were unrelenting and we scored some amazing turnover balls. Mid court were fast and intense. Our shooting end was really solid for the first half and we made some amazing space for ourselves which allowed feeders loads of beautiful balls. Unfortunately last half we really dropped in performance to get free or drive the front.

Special Mention:

Alley had a blinder at GD and went into WA which I needed to change in injury time because I needed the intercepts to happen down defence end so we made a decision I partially regret. I should of moved Alley to C and Nina to WA but Alley you were a monster on defence.

Next Steps:

Centre pass, feeding and passing. These areas are really letting us down and we need to get on court and practice some solutions

And some thanks:

Sharon, Lauren, Anna and Kellie what amazing cheerleaders / co-coaches you all are! Huge thanks to Brittany's fiancee for being our awesome scorer too!

Gemma "So long and thanks for all the fish"

Date Played: 08/07/2017

Kia Ora 8 vs East 11

Kia Ora Score: 30

Opposition Score: 21

The game was a pleasure to watch! These girls are a great team and organised themselves without any help from me. This gave me time to just enjoy watching a team who work well together, are nice to everyone on the court, laugh at their own mistakes and quickly make up for them with skill and flair


Watching the girls in and around our shooting circle was a particular highlight. They all controlled the ball beautifully, talked to each other and rattled the opposition without trying. Loved the positivity on court as all of the girls supported and encouraged each other. Also, Nicole's misplaced bomb down court which was quickly followed by laughter, an apology and multiple intercepts

Special Mention:

Everyone agreed that POD belonged to Jess this week. She owned the goal third with her well timed drives, well placed feeds and successful shots! Our other POD was Kylie who dominated the mid court and seemed to be everywhere at once!

Next Steps:

Now that Gemma has left for Auckland the lovely Bec will be looking after these ladies....I'll let her play bad cop and tell them all what to work on

And some thanks:

Thanks to the girls for having me and for putting up with my sideline yelling

This game's going straight to the pool room!

Date Played: 08/07/2017

Kia Ora 13 vs Vic Uni 22

Kia Ora Score: 14

Opposition Score: 22

The game was Nail biting and had Stacey and I (as well as our numerous supporters) on the edge of our seats! Actioned packed from the get go, the third quarter in particular was a thing of beauty and saw us score more points than the opposition, coming within 2 points at one stage


Strong defence, with a number of tips and intercepts, great feeding in to the circle by our C and WA and well timed drives within the shooting circle. We were incredibly proud of the girls who made the decision to play a full vic team (with the odd player from higher grades) rather than force vic to continue with only 6 players. Week after week these ladies prove how committed, positive and sportswomanly they are

Special Mention:

Joint player(s) of the day this week went to Kelsi (for her great feeding in to the circle) and Kate (for her moving, talking and control within the circle). However, all of the ladies had individual moments of greatness and this really was a team effort from start to finish

Next Steps:

Work on driving on to the ball and minimising passing errors

And some thanks:

Thanks to our super scorer Becs and all of our sideline supporters (4pm is not a nice game time so thanks for sticking around). Special mention also goes to Ash who bought me a hot chocolate

Back to the winning ways!

Date Played: 08/07/2017

Kia Ora 6 vs Vic Uni

Kia Ora Score: 43

Opposition Score: 13

The game was fantastic to watch from a coaches perspective.

After last weeks loss it's fair to say we were hungry for a win today. We were without some key players and a coach again today but did that bother us? Nope! Thank goodness cause we didn't want Kirsten to get a big head thinking she was the reason we were winning.

For the first bit of the first quarter we were finding our feet with a new shooting and mid court combo. But then we pulled away and we kept Vic uni to 8 goals in the first half.

Second half saw a new super sub Tarron come on (the 4th member of our team from QMC..we're taking over!) and that didn't stop us. We kept pulling away and restricted Vic to 5 goals in the second half. Our defensive end had the Vic team treambling every time they tried to shoot, a solid game with tips and intercepts coming thick and fast. 

It was a really fun game to play, we gelled well in all areas of the court and the win, well yes we'll take that too! As a team we showed our coach that even when she changed us up in positions we still come out firing, great work to Amy, Sam, and Tess who all had a run in untrained positions.

Work ons: full court defence ensuring we continue to put the pressure on all the way through court when we turn the ball over giving our defenders a good amount of time to set up to intercept.

The player of the day was incredibly hard for coach Box to choose. We settled on a joint POD between Tess and Sam. Tess played WA first half and WD/GD second half and she made such an impact in both areas with awesome feeds and then awesome intercepts. And Sam in at the new position of GS barely missed a shot and worked amazingly well with Erica balancing the circle with the full support of all of the middies.

Let's keep this ball rolling ladies with another one next week! 

Whoop whoop Team 6!!!

Team 9 has some contenders for the Silver Fern Defence lineup!

Date Played: 08/07/2017

Kia Ora 9 vs Vic Uni 16

Kia Ora Score: 19

Opposition Score: 17

The game was fantastic! It was an intense, close game from the first whistle. Vic Uni 16 pipped us by one goal last time we played them, so we wanted to settle the score. We took a little while to settle into the quarter, particularly with having a new GA, but then we were off! Mayce and Talei worked really well together, with Talei holding high like we'd practiced on Monday, and Mayce moving around her. They balanced the circle beautifully and didn't let the hunting GD get into their heads. The mid court did well to create space for each other, they had good strong drives and managed to get the ball into the shooters with ease. The defensive unit was incredible as always, but more about that soon!


The girls played really hard today, and we didn't have our usual lull of energy in the second quarter, which was fantastic. The highlight of the match this week was the defensive effort from the team. Holly, Katarina, Georgia and Michelle came up with a combined total of 13 tips, 7 rebounds and 8 intercepts throughout the game, the Michelle claiming 5 of those 8 intercepts! Watching you guys grow into the powerful defensive unit has been amazing to watch!

Special Mention:

 As you can imagine it was hard to pick a player of the match this week with the amount of effort that each and every member of team 9 put in today. But Katarina did an incredible job of shutting down her WA for the first half of the game, where it got to the point that the WA was not even an option for the centre pass or the second phase pass almost every single time. She also got an intercept at WA, which is a tough thing to do.

And some thanks:

Huge thanks to Mayce for playing with us this week, and we're looking forward to having you back next week! Also to our supporters on the sideline, its awesome to have you there each week - you're amazing!

Winners are grinners!

Date Played: 01/07/2017

Kia Ora 7 vs Vic Uni 10

Kia Ora Score: 30

Opposition Score: 28

Second game into the Challenge round and they girls proved they belong in this grade! 

It was great to have Kariba back from injury this week, we also had Mayce on the sideline to cover Sarah if needed but she was able to manage a full game – thank you Mayce for your support and making yourself available!

What an epic first quarter! The girls managed to turnover every Vic Uni pass leaving them scoreless in the first 8 minutes of the game! By the end we were up 12 – 2. The message to the girls was not to be complacent and to reset the score to 0 – 0 going into the second quarter.

The shooting from Vic Uni became more accurate and we struggled to shut the ball down through court. They were creeping back in each quarter as we became tired – probably from the physicality of the game. When it mattered in the end, the girls kept their cool and treasured our own passes which thankfully our lead in the first quarter helped us secure a win – and a win is a win!! 

POD went to Lucy for an outstanding defensive game, I almost ran out of room in my book for all the tips, intercepts and rebounds she gained! Special mention goes to Amaria for her amazing feeding, attack work and having to put up with the defender she had!

The biggest highlight for me (other than the win) is we managed to get 3 held ball calls against Vic Uni! This showed how much pressure the girls applied and did not give up! Well done ladies, you’re working really well together and achieved a well deserved win!

Way to go 3!!

Date Played: 01/07/2017

Kia Ora 3 vs NCOG

Kia Ora Score: 39

Opposition Score: 21

Team 3 were in a pickle this weekend! Knowing Mereli and Soph were a way then poor Jenna being sick during the week counting her out for the game I thought "it's ok, that's only 3 away, Flora can you sideline?" Line up begins... where's my 7th player?? OMG Kansas is out too!! 

Stress levels increase and much of Friday was spent trying to get a fill in, begging and bargaining for drinks managed to get us Tess and Alice from team 6 for a quarter each and it was team 4 to the rescue again with Flora and Bridge playing the last 2 quarters for us!

What could have been a messy game resulted in one of the best games and wins of the season! NCOG have been around for years annoying us with their smart netball skills. Because of our discombobulated team all I could ask for was to go out and have fun, be smart and adjust to the fresh legs each quarter. 

Tess was first up to play WD for us, I told her to hussle and just be like Wendy Frew - get the first turnover off the first whistle.. Well I didn't actually expect her to do it but whaaaat!!! She did it!!! And continued to have a solid defensive game shutting off WA for majority of the passes. As did Alice, Flora and Bridge, all of you managed to get plenty of tips and turnovers - thank you so much for stepping up to help us!

My girls, wow.. just wow! Look what happens when you have fun! We have been working really hard on our connections through court, feeding and letting the ball do the work and everything was applied in this game and more!

Our defensive duo of Briar and Mikalya were on fire! They made life very difficult for the shooters, NCOG had to pass the ball around a lot to get it in! The both of them pulled in some amazing intercepts and adjusted to each new WD instantly, their communication was up and they were always there to back each other up.

Hope and Kaille were superstars in the attack end, their connection with the Ash and Tash was the best I've seen, brilliant feeding, they worked the ball around to open up space, balanced the court and read the play beautifully!

Ash and Tash were a force to be reckoned with space was being held beautifully by Ash and Tash balanced the shooting circle driving in with perfect timing. The two of them backed each other up and were consistently accurate with their shots. 

Well done ladies I couldn't be more proud! We can only continue to build on this moving forward. We have a tough game ahead of us with PIC this weekend but we have the skills, just believe in yourselves, enjoy the game and support each other!

A great battle from start to finish

Date Played: 01/07/2017

Kia Ora 10 vs Vic Uni 15

Kia Ora Score: 15

Opposition Score: 21

Vic Uni had dropped down from Snr 4 so they were essentially a mystery team for us, as we hadn't seen them play before we weren't sure what to expect - but the plan was to focus on our game and not get caught up in the tussle that is Vic Uni :D
It was a battle from the start with neither team giving an inch. Katie (kindly not complaining about being thrown into GS lol) held amazing space in the circle! Working well with Erin - especially since they haven't had much time in the circle together this season - confusing the space (and the vic defenders!) if one was top the other went base - there was always an option in for our feeders. Great work ladies.
Steph had a battle on her hands with a rather feisty WD but working the angles, cutting and driving led to finding great space on the circle edge to feed the shooters!
Rhi (our thief in the night) picked up ball left right and centre, I'm still amazed how she covers so much ground so quickly! Vic also didn't see it coming and on numerous occasions she snatched the ball from right under their nose. Powering through 4 quarters at C - no mean feat considering the amount of running that was going on!! 
Ash had the play of the game for me today, from a strong 3 foot guard she got a tip to the ball as the player let the pass go and chased it down to give us a valuable turnover. As always being a superstar on attack, helping bring the ball down court and always being an option for the reset.
Christina & Alice were absolute workhorses in the defence end. Despite being thrown together at the last minute, you'd think they'd played together for years! Balancing out each other in the circle to cut off the options for the Vic shooters, doing a power of work bringing the ball down court to support our attackers. Numerous rebounds, tips & deflections gave us extra opportunities to score. Great work guys!! 

Changes in the second half saw Katie move out to WA and Nicole into GS, a line-up we've used regularly and the girls settled in quickly. The WD battle continued but Katie held great front space resulting in the contact call nearly every time the ball came her way....Giggle moment of the match was an offensive contact for using the booty :D

It was a strong contest from a solid Vic team and on the day we were outplayed, I have full faith that we can take them when we come up against them again - bring it on!!

And some thanks:

Huge thanks to Alice for filling in!