Semis here we come!!

Date Played: 8/19/2017

Kia Ora Team: Wolfpack (team 11)

Opposition Team Name: Vic Uni 16

Kia Ora Score: 26

Opposition Score: 20

The game was: Wowsers this was a tough one and our opposition did not stop pushing us for mistakes. They were physical the whole game and their defence we really trying all stops rattle us, some legal but a lot that was illegal. It did not work for them but we were so lucky to have one really strong umpire who could see what they were doing and pushed both teams tidy up. Everyone played like it was their last game and for a few of our players it will be as they are away.

A highlight was : Everybody. It's the business end of the season and you all gave me 100% and I can't thank you enough for digging deep

A special mention to: Brit you had a blinder at WD and won a lot of loose balls and the centre pass you were all over it every ball! Ally your boxing out was legendary! Katie you were a monster in keeping her up high! Nina you were ferocious at C with lots of beautiful feeding into the circle. Katie C you rocked it at WA and put so much pressure on your opposition that also caused heaps of turnovers for us. Stacey at GA also caused 2 tips and 2 turnovers/intercepts. Bex you were a monster at holding

Following this game we plan to...: Training Monday night hopefully against a higher team

Thanks to: All our fab supporters