Little bit messy, but still a great win!

Date Played: 8/19/2017

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 9

Opposition Team Name: SMOG 11

Kia Ora Score: 32

Opposition Score: 12

The game was: A great win! This win secures us in Senior 4 for next season, or depend on the next two games go may allow us to push up into Senior 3! Unfortunately the game started off a bit chaotically with having no umpires a few minutes before the game... Coach Kansas ended up having to umpire the first half of the game until we finally got a second umpire down to our court. Not sure how good my umpiring was because I kept flicking between coaching and umpiring, all while trying to be as fair as possible. I think this slightly messy start is what caused us to come onto the court a little disjointed. Our passing as a little loose throughout the court, but luckily our hunger was up so we chased a lot of our loose ball.

A highlight was : Full court defense was outstanding this weekend, which is how we were able to keep SMOG to only 12 goals. Last time we played it was a much closer game. Several intercepts and tips throughout the mid-court disrupted their flow, and intercepts, tips and rebounds in the defensive circle stopped SMOG from getting their points up.
I was great to be able to put Katarina into WA and give our other middies a rest at the end of the game. It is a blessing and a curse to have such awesome players who can be put in a range of positions as I want to ensure everyone gets sufficient court time in the positions they like, as well as play with new combos.

A special mention to: Sina had her best game of the session this Saturday with two stunning intercepts and a tip in the first quarter she came on. Sina you were an option coming down the court on attack and you disrupted the ball on defense. Justine also had a stellar game this weekend in WA and C. Your feeds were on point and you're always on option on attack.

Following this game we plan to...: The girls are at the stage where I don't actually have that much more I can teach them! We'll just be doing some passing work on Monday to get that neat and tidy ready to face Wolfpack (I think.. ?) next weekend in the semi-final

Thanks to: Thanks to SMOG for a great game and for being okay with me umpiring the first half of the match. Also thanks to Bex for scoring for us, and always a huge thank you to our supporters on the sideline :)