It was FUGLY but we won!

Date Played: 8/6/2017

Kia Ora Team: Wolfpack

Opposition Team Name: HHF

Kia Ora Score: 20

Opposition Score: 17

The game was: I am so proud of your win and what a supportive team you are to each other. We had four players away and we are very luck to have awesome fill ins!

A highlight was : We won team and it was ugly but I don't care because I know we are going to build solutions for the issues we had in this game. Some times you just have a bad day

A special mention to: Sharon has now saved our bacons quite a few times now and has been at more games supporting or filling in for us than some of our actual players! Thank you again for donning your Kia Ora uniform. I was also was super proud to show off a very special player who in my eyes in the wrong team and wrong grade, and man it was awesome to watch her dominate right from the first whistle. Well done Becky from team 13 you had a fricken stunning game!!

Following this game we plan to...: Get in front, our drives and timing was average this week