Broken bodies and a humbling loss

Date Played: 8/12/2017

Kia Ora Team: Wolfpack

Opposition Team Name: SCOG

Kia Ora Score: 20

Opposition Score: 40

The game was: We went into the game with 5 players and 2 fill ins. We lost Eulah at warm up to a rolled ankle and Sharon to archilles injury. Thank you for hanging in there against our top of the table. They were relentless but I needed the remaining players to reserve their bodies for our quarter finals. This was not a must win so please brush it off.

A highlight was : Watching Katie just keep trying and pushing away and trying to get turn over after turn over. Every single one of you kept trying so well done and I was proud you never gave up

A special mention to: All of Team 12 who sideline, played and supported us through a bloody tough loss. Becky and Holly you were amazing and I can't thank you enough for jumping on to help.

Following this game we plan to...: Plan our quarter final. We have injuries galore and we need to plan this together so we can help each other out this week.

Thanks to: Everyone who supported us through our toughest game to date