So close to double digits!

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 13

Opposition Team Name: Vic Uni 19

Kia Ora Score: 19

Opposition Score: 27

The game was: This game was hands down the best we've played as a team (Stacey is pretty gutted she missed it)! With Tiri back and Marie away, we needed to attempt a lot of new/relatively untested combos in order to make sure everyone got decent court time. While this should have made for one hell of a mess, all of the ladies took to each new position/combo with ease and the ball really flowed down court

Sam had a fantastic run at GA and nailed some fairly impressive long distance goals (which took at least 5 years off my life....please don't do it again)
Kate continues to prove herself to be an asset to the team as a holding GS and was shooting at around 90%
Tiri, Tara and Becky dominated the defensive circle and stacked up a number of intercepts and tips between them. Becky continued the defensive disruption to the opposition in the mid court when I unexpectedly threw her in to C for a quarter
Jo and Amy both worked on their driving in the midcourt, Jo got two intercepts and Amy is our most consistent talker on the court (calling out for the ball is something we struggle with a bit)
Kelsi managed to bear with me while I shifted her around from WA to C and then to GA, and was an excellent feeder in all of her positions. Especially loved the work as our GA/third feeder (this REALLY confused vic!)
Shona continued to prove herself defensively in stints at WD and C and nailed 5 clean intercepts in the last quarter alone!

The absolute highlight for me was a tip by Kelsi, followed by a yell of 'SHONA!' by Kate, whereby Shona turned around with her arms outstretched.....only for the ball to fall in to them. There was much confusion on court and laughter off court

As always this was a major team effort and as such I went with a team POD. Stand out moments from all those on court made it way too hard for me to pick basically

Following this we plan to work some more on our drives and making a bit more space in the mid court.....and drink at club night :)