So close and such a tough game

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 8

Opposition Team Name: St Francis

Kia Ora Score: 27

Opposition Score: 30

The game was: It was a tough game and we did really well against a very experienced team who have played together for years. We had some amazing moments every quarter from every player! Who knows if there was another 5mins in the game I felt we could of won it.

A highlight was : Our defence was solid with Kirsty and Taneska aka T. We won some great position back from our opposition through intercepts, rebounds and loose balls. Nic had a great game at WD and 1 quarter at GK, I know you didn't feel good about your game but I thought you had a fantastic game. Nic won us 4 intercepts which is fantastic and while there was 1 major over throw you are totally allowed too when you create that many turnovers in WD. Hayley was amazing at C with your drives down court and feeding were well timed into the circle. How lucky are we to have a centre that can attack, drive and do intercepts. Chris you were amazing at your timing and they were intentionally targeting you but you managed to get away and always find space to drive back in front of your player for the pass. Jessica you have an amazing centre pass drive and you were always there for Hayley to pass too and your work around the circle to off load to Ally. It was tough job getting it past those tall defenders and while the first few did not quite hit the rest of the game it certainly did. Ally had a strong game at shooting and lucky to have somebody who can also rebound so strong too. Amy did great jumping in at WA and then WD, you watched on the sideline and helped me work out what was working and potentially not working and that is really important because the time you jumped on court you knew exactly what we needed at both ends. Which was calm feeding down court or into the circle, getting in front and owning that space to be the "SAFE" option. Great game. Unfortunately we lost poor Ashleigh to a hand injury and who will be out for the rest of the season which is absolutely gutting.

A special mention to: T (aka Taneska) was player of the day. You had a phenomenal game and you had a field day in regards to intercepts and constant pressure on the opposition which won us lots of turnovers with others jumping to pick up loose balls. Well done!

Following this game we plan to...: I know the game did not go the way we wanted but we managed a bonus point and thats really important. We need to work on get in front of our players in attack and feeding into the circle. If we work on this we will make quarter finals.

Thanks to: All our supporters and to the team members who were off for the quarters to help co-coach with me