Kia Ora Squared

Date Played: 15/07/2017

Kia Ora 9 vs Kia Ora Wolfpack

Kia Ora Score: 22

Opposition Score: 27

The game was awesome! Its always great, but hard to play against another Kia Ora team. Great because you know its going to be a good game, and you'll enjoy it, which is why we play netball! Hard because you want both teams to win it for the club. It was a very whistle heavy game on both sides, with a lot of calls that could have been played as advantage, which would have helped with our flow on attack. It was another great defensive game for team 9 with both Michelle and Georgia getting tips in the first minute! Our main goal for the game was to have 3ft. over every ball to stop their flow on attack, which I think the girls did well.


Highlight of the match was when everything came together in the final quarter! Our attacking end connected with our shooters, and used the ball that our defensive end had gotten! We went into the last quarter with 12 goals and down by 8 or 9. I said lets get to 20, and the girls went ahead and blew me away by pulling it back to get within 5!

Special Mention:

Several special mentions today! Talei was named player of the match by team 11 for her control of the circle and her shooting abilities - team 9 named Stacey as team 11's player of the match - guess that means the shooters dominated today!
My personal player of the match was Justine. She was in control of our attacking end, and and came forward for a lot of ball when we were struggling to get out of our defensive end.

Next Steps:

Our passing strength and choice of pass today is what let us down, so on Monday we will be working on driving hard and delivering good ball to our team mates.

And some thanks:

Thanks to Mayce for filling in for us again this week. Big thanks to Bex and team 11 for a great game :)