Lets find the best way to give Kansas, Bridget and the rest of the sideline a heart attack, and do that, and then pull it back in the last few minutes...

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 3

Opposition Team Name: Vic Uni 6

Kia Ora Score: 31

Opposition Score: 28

The game was: Amazing, stressful, incredible, tough work, beautiful, injury free, and overall a stellar game to watch. We had nine fit and healthy players ready to take the court, and all nine gave it their all out there, and it would have been so good to have all nine play full games.

The defensive effort from the whole team was fantastic! Five of the girls picked up tips or intercepts during the game, with Mereli taking the cake with 3 tips, 2 intercepts, 5 rebounds and an absolute STEEL off the floor around the side of the GS which was in a league of its own. Tash and Ash started in the circle strong, with Hope and Jenna sending in some beautiful feeds. Sophia came on firing at half time in GA, and Kaille started up her key feeding connection with Ash.
We were up by three in the first quarter, five in both the second and third quarters - so then we decided that we'd get out to a lead of 9, then let Vic 6 get within 1, and then push it back out to a lead of 3 in the last 2 two minutes, just to make it exciting :) 

Huge thank you to Bridget for being on the sideline to support the team, and also myself when making the hard decision of putting people in positions.

We've got two more games to go before the playoff - so two more games to cement ourselves into the top four. We've got this girls!!
Kansas x