Don't put it over that GD again!

Kia Ora Team: Kia Ora 9

Opposition Team Name: HHF 3

Kia Ora Score: 23

Opposition Score: 19

The game was: When knew that this was going to be a tough game, with only seven players available (and one being a fill in), and that we knew HHF would be a physical game. The girls of team 9 didn't let this phase them one bit! As you can see from the title, "Don't go over the GD!" was something I screamed often in this game, as she had extremely long arms that kept coming out of nowhere. Thankfully the girls are good listeners and they let me keep my voice for the rest of the game.

A highlight was : Katarina said at the end of the game, "guys, I think that's the best we've ever played," and I completely agree. Every single player came out firing from the first whistle on Saturday. At practice we'd worked on strong passes, the right passes and driving hard straight lines down the court. The girls executed this perfectly, and eventually came away with the wine. 6 out of 7 players got intercepts during game, with Michelle and Rachael each getting 4, Holly and Katarina with two each, and Justine and Aimee with one a piece, outstanding effort from all!

A special mention to: We had a team of the match rather than a player this week, as every single person was vital to our win on Saturday. 

Special mention to Katarina who came off the court with a very bent ("I can't move the end") finger which she had hurt earlier in the match a powered on through regardless - turns out she tore the tendon and will be in a splint for the next 6-8 weeks!!! :( :( :( Very upsetting that you wont be on the court with us for the rest of the season, but we're looking forward to having you supporting on the sideline.

Following this game we plan to...: Keep working on our passing and driving, and cementing those connections in attack.

Thanks to: Huge thank you to Rachael for playing with us this week. You were a star in GD! Also big thanks to your Mum for bring our scored :)