Arghhhhh its so hard playing our own club!

Date Played: 15/07/2017

Wolfpack vs Kia Ora 9

Kia Ora Score: 27

Opposition Score: 22

A big thank you to team 9 and their amazing coach Kanas. It so hard playing our own club and it is always more awkward when we have friends playing against friends.


 Wow where to start I can hands down say I think this was our best game to date! And we have had some stunning games but I really felt like our defence our mid court and shooting circle stepped up. We all played our part and we all tried hard to get free and be "SAFE" options for each other. Stacey shot her little bum off, Bex built a wall to protect Stacey, Ash was just amazing with timing of drives and feeding into the circle, Nina was a so strong from attack and defence all through court, Brittany (who was sick!) was amazing in blocking her player and creating chaos for our opposition then calm when feeding back down court, Ally was a super star at GD and was just amazing at intercepting balls galore, Katie had a bloody blinder with GK and then Eulah coming in to shut the circle down even more for the second half was wowsers!

We ALL had such an awesome game. Its a shame the injury to poor Ash happened in the last quarter that could of been avoided if the umpires picked up.

A special mention to

Everybody was amazing

Following this game we plan

We are having a break this weekend but we need to replicate exactly what we did this Saturday because it was not only beautiful to watch we sooo deserve to make finals!!!!

Thanks to

All my amazing Wolfpack that are not playing this year but who are coming down and giving us loads of love and support on the sideline. You ladies absolutely rock!