Way to go 3!!

Date Played: 01/07/2017

Kia Ora 3 vs NCOG

Kia Ora Score: 39

Opposition Score: 21

Team 3 were in a pickle this weekend! Knowing Mereli and Soph were a way then poor Jenna being sick during the week counting her out for the game I thought "it's ok, that's only 3 away, Flora can you sideline?" Line up begins... where's my 7th player?? OMG Kansas is out too!! 

Stress levels increase and much of Friday was spent trying to get a fill in, begging and bargaining for drinks managed to get us Tess and Alice from team 6 for a quarter each and it was team 4 to the rescue again with Flora and Bridge playing the last 2 quarters for us!

What could have been a messy game resulted in one of the best games and wins of the season! NCOG have been around for years annoying us with their smart netball skills. Because of our discombobulated team all I could ask for was to go out and have fun, be smart and adjust to the fresh legs each quarter. 

Tess was first up to play WD for us, I told her to hussle and just be like Wendy Frew - get the first turnover off the first whistle.. Well I didn't actually expect her to do it but whaaaat!!! She did it!!! And continued to have a solid defensive game shutting off WA for majority of the passes. As did Alice, Flora and Bridge, all of you managed to get plenty of tips and turnovers - thank you so much for stepping up to help us!

My girls, wow.. just wow! Look what happens when you have fun! We have been working really hard on our connections through court, feeding and letting the ball do the work and everything was applied in this game and more!

Our defensive duo of Briar and Mikalya were on fire! They made life very difficult for the shooters, NCOG had to pass the ball around a lot to get it in! The both of them pulled in some amazing intercepts and adjusted to each new WD instantly, their communication was up and they were always there to back each other up.

Hope and Kaille were superstars in the attack end, their connection with the Ash and Tash was the best I've seen, brilliant feeding, they worked the ball around to open up space, balanced the court and read the play beautifully!

Ash and Tash were a force to be reckoned with space was being held beautifully by Ash and Tash balanced the shooting circle driving in with perfect timing. The two of them backed each other up and were consistently accurate with their shots. 

Well done ladies I couldn't be more proud! We can only continue to build on this moving forward. We have a tough game ahead of us with PIC this weekend but we have the skills, just believe in yourselves, enjoy the game and support each other!