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Date Played: 01/07/2017

Kia Ora 13 vs Vic Uni 17

Kia Ora Score: 9

Opposition Score: 47

This game was a tough one against a (near) perfect vic shooting combo. Every one stayed positive until the very end though, played their own game and worked on their individual goals


A number of tips and intercepts down the defensive end, more talking through the mid court and some great moving in the circle from our shooters (also, only one stepping call!). Time and time again I am left impressed by the positivity, determination and team work of these amazing ladies!

Special Mention:

Our player of the day this week was Tara in at GK who took direction brilliantly and stuck to her partner like glue, managing 4 tips/intercepts in the last quarter. Special mention to Amy also who had a great game at WA and had some great drives through the midcourt

Next steps:

Work on our centre pass and moving through the midcourt

And some thanks:

Thanks to all of the team 13 ladies for bearing with me while I shake off the last of the jet lag and scream from the sidelines