Date Played: 24/06/2017

Kia Ora 7 vs WGTN East college 10

Kia Ora Score: 17

Opposition Score: 34

The game was: Not bad for the underdogs versus the top Senior 2 team but will need to do better if we want to stay in this grade!


We set ourselves the objective for this grade to simply stay in this grade and not move back down which means we will need to work hard to do this however we also aimed to just give it our all but most of all enjoy it and have fun as there was less pressure on this game than previous games. 
We held the first quarter well but then it slowly crept away from us as the game went on. Once we are back to full capacity I think there are some wins in this for us but overall we did pretty well for a team of only 6 regular players, a fill in shooter and people in positions we aren’t used to. Our centre pass off was much better followed by our rehearsed set plays so getting it down to our shooters proved easier than previous games. Kirsten from team 12 was filling in for us again as GS. She had a tough time as the GK and GD were the same height as her and WEGC GK was great at getting those clean intercepts when our feeders popped it into Kirsten. 
The resetting once again was great. Emma and Amaria really using the GD and WD to their advantage and both C and WA working it round the circle as the defence were so tall so they were great at finding a better angle to pass it in rather than forcing it in.

Special Mention:

Kirsten for filling in and playing a full game after playing her own game just before and having a tough time against the defence! POD was Emma, her intercepts through mid court were fabulously timed!

Next steps:

Just keep that energy up the whole game and we hope to get our full team back very soon especially other shooters as Sarah is currently holding down the fort in the shooting circle! We have been blighted by injuries in this season unfortunately. We do need to work on slowing it down through court as we did rush things abit. Taking the 3 seconds we have and thinking before we throw it sometimes.

And some thanks:

Our super sub Angela Vinson for her support and being there if we needed her.