A great battle from start to finish

Date Played: 01/07/2017

Kia Ora 10 vs Vic Uni 15

Kia Ora Score: 15

Opposition Score: 21

Vic Uni had dropped down from Snr 4 so they were essentially a mystery team for us, as we hadn't seen them play before we weren't sure what to expect - but the plan was to focus on our game and not get caught up in the tussle that is Vic Uni :D
It was a battle from the start with neither team giving an inch. Katie (kindly not complaining about being thrown into GS lol) held amazing space in the circle! Working well with Erin - especially since they haven't had much time in the circle together this season - confusing the space (and the vic defenders!) if one was top the other went base - there was always an option in for our feeders. Great work ladies.
Steph had a battle on her hands with a rather feisty WD but working the angles, cutting and driving led to finding great space on the circle edge to feed the shooters!
Rhi (our thief in the night) picked up ball left right and centre, I'm still amazed how she covers so much ground so quickly! Vic also didn't see it coming and on numerous occasions she snatched the ball from right under their nose. Powering through 4 quarters at C - no mean feat considering the amount of running that was going on!! 
Ash had the play of the game for me today, from a strong 3 foot guard she got a tip to the ball as the player let the pass go and chased it down to give us a valuable turnover. As always being a superstar on attack, helping bring the ball down court and always being an option for the reset.
Christina & Alice were absolute workhorses in the defence end. Despite being thrown together at the last minute, you'd think they'd played together for years! Balancing out each other in the circle to cut off the options for the Vic shooters, doing a power of work bringing the ball down court to support our attackers. Numerous rebounds, tips & deflections gave us extra opportunities to score. Great work guys!! 

Changes in the second half saw Katie move out to WA and Nicole into GS, a line-up we've used regularly and the girls settled in quickly. The WD battle continued but Katie held great front space resulting in the contact call nearly every time the ball came her way....Giggle moment of the match was an offensive contact for using the booty :D

It was a strong contest from a solid Vic team and on the day we were outplayed, I have full faith that we can take them when we come up against them again - bring it on!!

And some thanks:

Huge thanks to Alice for filling in!