Championship round: Down to Business

Date Played: 24/06/2017

Kia Ora 10 vs Karori 4

Kia Ora Score: 22

Opposition Score: 17


Rhi had the moment of the match with a thief in the night steal from the Karori C - who was casually jogging next to the ball as it was heading out of court....Never fear Rhi was there! Flying from halfway down court (I have no idea how she got there!) she snuck inside the Karori C and snatched the ball before it rolled over the side line - I think the Karori C is probably still trying to work out how that happened...what a moment!!

Special Mention:

The effort our attackers put into defence - fantastic work ladies!! Every time a Karori player turned round with the ball there was nothing but green in front of them - stellar effort!! 

Well deserved POD to Steph & Rhi who absolutely killed it!! 
Our middies ruled the show this week, an absolutely fantastic effort with intercepts and deflections coming from Rhi left right & centre. Steph stepped up to take charge in attack, directing play and performing a ton of work to always be an option - beautiful drives onto the circle edge. Steph & Rhi on the circle edge was a joy to watch, I don't think there was a single moment when they weren't perfectly balanced!! Fantastic work ladies I'm so proud of you!

And some thanks:

Special thanks to Liv for being our super sub (and not complaining when I put her in C hehe)

What a way to start the championship round!! Coming up against a team that dropped from Senior 4 kept everyone on their toes as we knew we'd need to be on form....and that is exactly what we were!
A solid warm up meant everyone took the court focussed and ready to go. No slow starts this week. Everyone came out of the blocks firing, startling Karori who had no answer for most of the first quarter.
With no Ash this week our lovely GK's stepped out of the circle and into WD (isn't it fun), performing a ton of work helping bring the ball down on attack. Keeping the WA off the circle edge and generally just wreaking havoc - great work ladies!! 
The Karori shooters had their work cut out for them with our defenders all over every move (although the GS had a lovely roll I must admit), I lost count of the number of tips/deflections as panicked passes were forced in. Nikki was a workhorse out in GD as per usual, blocking her GA at every move and generally making life miserable for her. No matter what combo was on court our defence end adapted seamlessly, what a joy to have so many options! 

Our attack end came to life this week, balancing each other out so we weren't running all over one another, multiple options onto the pass, using the resets as needed - everything a coach could ask for really (can you tell I'm in a good mood lol) 
Our shooters were on form, working the circle together nicely and (rarely) ending up in each others space, great work! Katie had some fabulous drives in, splitting the circle and making it impossible for the Karori defenders to stop the ball coming in. 

Great game ladies! Now let's do it again next week!