Team 9 has some contenders for the Silver Fern Defence lineup!

Date Played: 08/07/2017

Kia Ora 9 vs Vic Uni 16

Kia Ora Score: 19

Opposition Score: 17

The game was fantastic! It was an intense, close game from the first whistle. Vic Uni 16 pipped us by one goal last time we played them, so we wanted to settle the score. We took a little while to settle into the quarter, particularly with having a new GA, but then we were off! Mayce and Talei worked really well together, with Talei holding high like we'd practiced on Monday, and Mayce moving around her. They balanced the circle beautifully and didn't let the hunting GD get into their heads. The mid court did well to create space for each other, they had good strong drives and managed to get the ball into the shooters with ease. The defensive unit was incredible as always, but more about that soon!


The girls played really hard today, and we didn't have our usual lull of energy in the second quarter, which was fantastic. The highlight of the match this week was the defensive effort from the team. Holly, Katarina, Georgia and Michelle came up with a combined total of 13 tips, 7 rebounds and 8 intercepts throughout the game, the Michelle claiming 5 of those 8 intercepts! Watching you guys grow into the powerful defensive unit has been amazing to watch!

Special Mention:

 As you can imagine it was hard to pick a player of the match this week with the amount of effort that each and every member of team 9 put in today. But Katarina did an incredible job of shutting down her WA for the first half of the game, where it got to the point that the WA was not even an option for the centre pass or the second phase pass almost every single time. She also got an intercept at WA, which is a tough thing to do.

And some thanks:

Huge thanks to Mayce for playing with us this week, and we're looking forward to having you back next week! Also to our supporters on the sideline, its awesome to have you there each week - you're amazing!