Our first and last loss lol. It was a strong game of skill so I am super proud anyway

Date Played: 08/07/2017

Kia Ora 11 vs Vic Uni 13

Kia Ora Score: 21

Opposition Score: 20

We had a really strong half and we slowly let this team stay close to our score but maintained the lead throughout the game which is really tough to do. Unfortunately they had a very long injury break with their player not being allowed to move due to a potential rupture. This stopped our momentum and went backwards.


While we lost it was actually a much better performance this week than last week. I am really proud that we kept trying even though we lost a key player in attack. Our defence again were unrelenting and we scored some amazing turnover balls. Mid court were fast and intense. Our shooting end was really solid for the first half and we made some amazing space for ourselves which allowed feeders loads of beautiful balls. Unfortunately last half we really dropped in performance to get free or drive the front.

Special Mention:

Alley had a blinder at GD and went into WA which I needed to change in injury time because I needed the intercepts to happen down defence end so we made a decision I partially regret. I should of moved Alley to C and Nina to WA but Alley you were a monster on defence.

Next Steps:

Centre pass, feeding and passing. These areas are really letting us down and we need to get on court and practice some solutions

And some thanks:

Sharon, Lauren, Anna and Kellie what amazing cheerleaders / co-coaches you all are! Huge thanks to Brittany's fiancee for being our awesome scorer too!