Gemma "So long and thanks for all the fish"

Date Played: 08/07/2017

Kia Ora 8 vs East 11

Kia Ora Score: 30

Opposition Score: 21

The game was a pleasure to watch! These girls are a great team and organised themselves without any help from me. This gave me time to just enjoy watching a team who work well together, are nice to everyone on the court, laugh at their own mistakes and quickly make up for them with skill and flair


Watching the girls in and around our shooting circle was a particular highlight. They all controlled the ball beautifully, talked to each other and rattled the opposition without trying. Loved the positivity on court as all of the girls supported and encouraged each other. Also, Nicole's misplaced bomb down court which was quickly followed by laughter, an apology and multiple intercepts

Special Mention:

Everyone agreed that POD belonged to Jess this week. She owned the goal third with her well timed drives, well placed feeds and successful shots! Our other POD was Kylie who dominated the mid court and seemed to be everywhere at once!

Next Steps:

Now that Gemma has left for Auckland the lovely Bec will be looking after these ladies....I'll let her play bad cop and tell them all what to work on

And some thanks:

Thanks to the girls for having me and for putting up with my sideline yelling