Back to the winning ways!

Date Played: 08/07/2017

Kia Ora 6 vs Vic Uni

Kia Ora Score: 43

Opposition Score: 13

The game was fantastic to watch from a coaches perspective.

After last weeks loss it's fair to say we were hungry for a win today. We were without some key players and a coach again today but did that bother us? Nope! Thank goodness cause we didn't want Kirsten to get a big head thinking she was the reason we were winning.

For the first bit of the first quarter we were finding our feet with a new shooting and mid court combo. But then we pulled away and we kept Vic uni to 8 goals in the first half.

Second half saw a new super sub Tarron come on (the 4th member of our team from QMC..we're taking over!) and that didn't stop us. We kept pulling away and restricted Vic to 5 goals in the second half. Our defensive end had the Vic team treambling every time they tried to shoot, a solid game with tips and intercepts coming thick and fast. 

It was a really fun game to play, we gelled well in all areas of the court and the win, well yes we'll take that too! As a team we showed our coach that even when she changed us up in positions we still come out firing, great work to Amy, Sam, and Tess who all had a run in untrained positions.

Work ons: full court defence ensuring we continue to put the pressure on all the way through court when we turn the ball over giving our defenders a good amount of time to set up to intercept.

The player of the day was incredibly hard for coach Box to choose. We settled on a joint POD between Tess and Sam. Tess played WA first half and WD/GD second half and she made such an impact in both areas with awesome feeds and then awesome intercepts. And Sam in at the new position of GS barely missed a shot and worked amazingly well with Erica balancing the circle with the full support of all of the middies.

Let's keep this ball rolling ladies with another one next week! 

Whoop whoop Team 6!!!