Onwards and Upwards!

Kia Ora 3 vs WEGC2

Kia Ora Score: 21

Opposition Score: 37

We started with a hiss and a roar this weekend, up 8 – 0 with 2 minutes to go in the first quarter. The girls displayed the true potential of this team, our confidence was there and we backed each other up. Our defence was solid all through court, the attack end clicked and shots were going in beautifully. 

We got a bit complacent in the second quarter, our passing accuracy started to drop as well as our focus and WEGC were literally all over us. Poor Kansas went down with an ankle injury which took us a while to recover from. WEGC punished us on every turnover, their shooters were on form from every angle of the circle and they managed to draw with us by half time.

Unfortunately we were unable to bring back our intensity in the final half. We lost focus and let ourselves get frustrated at the roughness of the game and calls/cautions not going our way. This affected our passing and we started to play like the opposition instead of our own game. We have addressed this at training and know that we need to come into the quarter breaks in a positive mind set, shake off the negativity and adapt/change our game.

Our POD went to Sophia – her shooting was confident and accurate, diving on to the ball was strong and she was always available to help bring the ball down losing her defender in her dust. 

Congratulations on maintaining your spot in PR3 girls, looking forward to seeing all our hard work pay off in Round 2!

And some thanks:

St John and everyone who helped Kansas after her fall, we're hoping for a speedy recovery! xx