I'm so proud and we did it! Top of our table with no loses! Here we come senior 4

Wolfpack vs SCOG

Kia Ora Score: 31

Opposition Score: 27

This was a close game between 1st and 2nd. We knew their style and we knew they were never going to be 3feet, they were going contact and push us around depending on what umpires would allow. We held our regardless of some bizarre calls we were receiving.


I'm so proud you didn't loose composure with everything the opposition and umpires threw at us. Everyone dug deep the whole game!

Special Mention:

Defence circle had its toughest game ever and most would of even up but you kept on task and never gave up physically or mentally. So thank you. Huge kudos to Alley this was toughest game for you with very hard player to shut down. Well done chick

Next steps:

We need to work on circle movement and helping feed the balls in more calmly. You still did an amazing job at finishing under the physical pressure our opposition put us under so don't feel deflated you did a great job

And some thanks:

Bex Powell was our super star cheerleader and scorer. Thank you xo