Bonus point and the official comeback queens!!! What an amazing game of perseverance

Kia Ora 10 vs Wildcats

Kia Ora Score: 21

Opposition Score: 22

Wowsers what a game! So proud of your ability to turn a 10 point lead against you to a near draw. We had very tough 1st quarter, and most would of got angry, frustrated or worst given up. Right through court you all made quick changes in our quarter time chat and paid off. We adjusted and you stormed back. Nikki your workload in that first quarter was a major highlight for me, you turned over 4 balls and 2 rebounds at despite going out the night before you were awesome for digging hard in toughest quarter in the game. Then you came 2nd half with Rachel and absolutely chipped away at the shooters confidence you both had awesome games. Christina you were a star for playing half game despite being unwell and you helped highlight weaknesses in their shooting circle we could capitalise on. Ash you are such an amazing team player! Always calling and driving to help your mates out and thank you stepping into C for a quarter it gave Rhi the chance to reserve some energy to finish hard at C. Rhi your workload is phenomenal, you were nearly every 2nd pass which a hell of a lot of running and driving at that is a huge accomplishment! Steph and Erin you both have killer centre pass drives that I envy and Steph your set up and swinging circle movement was crazy good.


Our shooters changed their style and that made all the difference to our game well done Nicole and Erin! Nicole as you held the front more we got contacts and stepping in and shooting instead of passing it back out was the moment we start winning.

Special Mention:

Player of the day was Erin. Wow lovely lady you had a stellar game and so proud you took the info we gave you at every quarter time chat and applied it. Well done and awesome work!

Next steps:

This is for your coach but was really impressed with every single player

And some thanks:

Huge thank you to Kayla who was scorer, cheerleader and co-coach with Gemma and myself