And then there were 7!

Kia Ora 1 vs Marsden College 1

Kia Ora Score: 30

Opposition Score: 62

The game was a better display than the score depicted!


A coach/manager's worst nightmare. Knowing you have 7 fit players out of 10 able to take the court this week then finding one of your wonderful 7 has been struck down with a stomach virus in the early hours of Saturday morning. What to do, what to do? Lucky for us our Erin is back from gallavanting around the world and we had her earmarked as supersub for teams 1 and 2. Sorry 2, our need is greater, and anyhow you had a great win on your own, well done! 
But wait I digress, 7 players, 7 positions on the court, sorted! And the wonderful Sam from team 6 sideline, we're fine!

Luckily this was a nothing game for us, nicely placed mid table of Prem 3 and the result of this wasn't important, apart for our egos! We shuffled around during all 4 quarters trying to trick Marsden into thinking we were bringing on fresh legs, did we trick them? Not sure but we didn't really trick ourselves! 15 minute quarters certainly stretch the fitness levels to the max, but even though the score margin was a tad big, that really didn't depict the game. 

A good training session for our amazing team 1, coach and management are so looking forward to the championship round, this is ours for the taking. 

Thanks ladies for giving it your all this week, it was a tough one for you but you all pulled through brilliantly!

Special Mention:

POD Kirsten for keeping on keeping on throughout the entire hour! And welcome back Erin mid court extraordinaire, GK extraordinaire to add to your bow too! 4 intercepts, 2 tip gains and 2 rebounds! Awesome work!

Also Abbie, our injured soldier, who cheers everyone on each week and gladly takes her position on the score bench, thanks for that Abs, we didn't have anyone else there to take that task on!

Next steps:

Coach Tess will be back at the helm after moving into her lovely new home yesterday and onwards and upwards for Team 1!

And some thanks:

Thanks once again Sam from team 6 for sidelining!