We are moving on up!

Wolfpack vs Ories

Kia Ora Score: 32

Opposition Score: 16

Everybody had a fantastic game, considering were down to 7 and 3 of you were already knackered from playing for team 10. Our feeding into the circle was stellar and our defence was on fire. In fact the feeding and movement all the way through court was awesome. Our timing was on point, with players driving into space and passing with ease. We made life easier on ourselves when we hang back and time it right it was so cool to watch.


Our three ladies who filled in before our game you were amazing for putting your hand up to help another Kia Ora team. I'm so proud when we lead by example. Well done Katie G, Stacey and Ash. I hope you all had fun, it looked awesome where I was sitting and heckling you all!!!!!

Special Mention:

Well done to Ash who was awarded for player of the day. Your timing in your drives and feeding the ball was so calm and precise it was phenomenal to watch and it helped keep our shooters comfortable and focused. Congrats and so glad you have joined our team and club

Next steps:

We are second on the table with third place not close in points, so regardless of this Saturday we will be moving up a grade.

And some thanks:

Huge thanks to Gemma who came over to support us and help with being scorer at the horrible time of 3pm! Also you help with the non stop sideline entertainment