The only consistency is how many times I mention our inconsistency in our write ups!

Kia Ora 1 vs East 4

Kia Ora Score: 36

Opposition Score: 43

The game was a battle!  It was made up of three and a bit drawn quarters and 7 minutes and a 7 goal margin we won't talk about.  Once again this week it was our inability to maintain our intensity and performance for the full game that caught us out - East are a very good team and they took full advantage of us losing our structure to pounce!


There were a lot of highlights in this game but number one for me was our ability to use our heads (Kate used hers to hit the floor which wasn't so good) and adjust to the play.  Rhi in particular showed her court smarts and movement to combat the strongest GK in our grade, Kirsten and Sophie worked beautifully with the shooters to hold on for some beautiful feeds, Box, Claire (pre ankle injury) and Mel had another strong game in the defensive end (including using their very loud outside voices to direct each other!) and Bex showed her cleverness at WD against a very very very quick mid court!

Special Mention:

As mentioned above, Bex had a strong game against the East mid court who have played together for years and know instinctively where each other are.  She positioned herself well to cut off options, attacked beautifully and was calm when the panic set in.  While WD can often be underrated, her game this week contributed hugely to the turnover ball we gained in the circle and she rightly earned herself the MVP award.

Special mention also to our birthday girl, Kirsten was East's player of the day for our team - turning 21 obviously agrees with her (and makes the rest of us feel bloody old!)

Next steps:

Recover from injuries (we are the walking wounded) and try to scramble 7 players to put on court for the last game of the round and then reset for Round 2 - that trophy is ours!

And some thanks:

A big thank you to Anna for stepping in and filling the GA  position following Kate's unfortunate incident, and to Erin for being our fresh set of legs in Q3!  You girls did great and its so good to have such awesome reserves when we need them!