Kia Ora 7 vs Vic Uni 12

Kia Ora Score: 27

Opposition Score: 30

This was the game that just got away from us. A smashing first half where we held the lead but the energy levels dropped in the third quarter allowing Vic to take back several goals in a row of which we couldn’t catch up on in the last quarter. 


The first half was fantastic! The defence were on the shooters like glue-really forcing the opposition feeders have to reset and really work their circle to get comfortable enough to take a shot; lots of defensive pressure. Our WA Amaria popped some lovely balls into Kariba and Sarah-for someone quite short Sarah has amazing rebounds! She could teach the defence a thing or two about how to grab those all-important rebounds. 

Special Mention

The GK back line pass to the WD then the 2nd pass to the GD was much better this week with Amy and Lucy setting up well from the off. 

Next steps

Keep those energy levels up all the way through! More a mental game for us to ensure we maintain the mental stamina and endurance to hold the lead and win. It was admitted by a few players that we tend to look to our WA as the first option over any other so that needs work for opening up other options and from this game we struggled to find the free space in the mid court so a few held balls and stepping caught us out. Also our center pass is still a bit rusty with the defence being a good option but that opportunity not always taken by the center player. That is simply getting used to them being an option. 
Our super subs Christina Lynch and Amy Dartnall were ready and raring to go in case of injury but thankfully no one got injured and Christina got her game goal of not having to go on court! Lol!
POD was Kariba our GS who did great to do a full game with an injured shoulder