Kia Ora 12 Match report

Kia Ora 12 vs SCOG 3

Kia Ora Score: 26

Opposition Score: 39

The game was closer than the score suggests! The girls played hard right to the end and managed to disrupt SCOG, but the opposition GS was on fire....


This game was interesting right from the start. We came out with a hiss and a roar, but stunning shooting from the opposition made it clear we were up against a team that had played together for a while and knew where their GS or GA would be. 
While we ended up behind by a bit on the scorecard we never gave up. Each quarter we pegged goals back, got turnovers and played better and better. A couple of new combinations in the defensive and shooting circles are settling well and new GA Ang even trusted herself to shoot for goal.

Special Mention:

Katy for her awesome work at WD. Katy has been improving each game and on Saturday spent the game giving the WA hell. She got tip after tip, had her arms up over the ball and got a clean intercept that she was unlucky to then get called for. On top of that she achieved her personal goal of managing her footwork and being calmer with her passing. 
Our defensive end also had a good game - Lucie, Emily and Mel never gave up against a tough shooter that was shooting at 100% from all over the circle. But by the end of the game they had disrupted her rhythm and space meaning she went from putting up all the shots to only putting up 2.

Next steps:

Work on trusting our pass and not hesitating.