It was a close one!

Kia Ora 9 vs Vic Uni 16

Kia Ora Score: 18

Opposition Score: 19

The game was a hard fought match by every single member of Kia Ora 9, with intercepts throughout the court, good strong drives and some very good looking netball.


From a coaches point of view, the highlight of the match was the way that players were able to adapt to the positions I was putting them in, and to the people around them!
Once again Michelle and Georgia had a stellar performance in defence and are becoming quite a formidable duo. Both your ability to box out and hunt for the ball is proving to be a asset for this team. The mid courters Katarina, Justine, Gemma and Sina (as well as Aimee for a splash of C) did a beautiful job of bringing the ball down the court and working those angles to get the ball into our shooters. It is awesome that I feel confident to have the ability to switch you all in and out of those positions, and you all play them so well. Talei dominated the space under the post in GS, with Aimee and Sina being able to move around her a put the goals up when needed. All and all a great game by Kia Ora 9, just a pity Vic Uni pipped us in the final quarter.

Special Mention:

Although I only was able to be there for half a game, I had already picked my player of the match - and that was Aimee. She made the GA and the C bibs her own, controlling the ball, working well with her fellow attackers and kept the game flowing. 
Special mention also to C who had her first run at C today after some attack focus training by Tess, and she nailed it. She hung back, judged when and where she needed to move to and did the job well.
Another special mention comes for fill in coach Kirstin, and that was to Katarina, who I'm told picked up 5 intercepts in the second half!!!

Next steps:

At training we're going to be working on what to do when its a 2 on 1 situation in the circle (at both ends of the court), being quicker on defence when there is a turn over, and getting tips off our three feet defence.

And some thanks:

Special thanks to Kirstin for stepping in to play coach in the second half :)