Neat and tidy win

Date Played: 06/05/2017

Kia Ora 12 vs Vic Uni 21

Kia Ora Score: 33

Opposition Score: 8

his week we were hit by injuries and had players out of position, but the girls rallied around and got the win.


The way everyone played with a positive attitude and worked together. An early injury to Lizzie meant we had an unfamiliar attack and shooting end, but Eva and Annette worked the circle edge, reset when needed and Angie did a great job of being a WA, then GA, then C - even managing to slot a couple of goals! 
The defensive end was very strong and did some great work at keeping the shooters out. Emily and Mel are a new pairing and starting to work very well together. This week there was an increase in communication and they were directing each other and staying out of each other's space well. Can't wait to see how they improve during the season - will be trouble for many shooters I'm sure. There were also plenty of tips and deflections, which were then converted down the other end by Kirsten, who was on fire.

Special Mention:

Special mention to Katy for the way she went at WD - listened well to the advice given at the breaks and her game came along beautifully. The Vic Uni WA was getting very frustrated by the end of the game and Katy had some nice turnovers and almost got a clean intercept.
Second mention to Kirsten for her shoot stats. She went for about half of the game before she even missed a shot and only missed about 5 in the game - and got the rebounds when she did miss.

Next steps:

Work on using outside arm and bringing the ball through court without crowding.

And some thanks:

Kirsty for staying and scoring for us :)