Man oh man, what a game!

Date Played: 06/05/2017

Kia Ora 3vs SMOG 7

Kia Ora Score: 28

Opposition Score: 25

The game was intense! We came out firing after a hard training that week, trying to make up for the disaster that was our first game as a team the week before. SMOG matched our intensity and pushed us right up until the last buzzer. Everything we worked on during training on Monday was used a across the court, making our life much easier as we brought the ball down to our superstar shooters. Defensively we picked up a lot of tips, either in the shooting circle or off their centre passes, and thankfully this week we were able to score of those.


Highlight of the match was finally a lot of things finally clicking and we felt like we were working as a team on the court. Our circle D was moving and working smoothly, shutting down their moving shooters, our middies got a lot of ball defensively and brought the ball down to our shooters who were flowing in, out and around the circle!

Special Mention:

Player of the match could have gone to a lot of people this game as we all played so hard! But Tash dominated the shooting circle on Saturday, cutting and driving and receiving some passes from Ash (that scared the sh*t out of me while watching from the transverse), but she got them almost every time! The SMOG defence had a lot of trouble shutting her out of the game.

Next steps:

Next steps are to do exactly what we did in this game, but to step it up a notch. We've got to keep pushing ourselves to be bigger and better!

And some thanks:

Special thanks to Briar for coming and supporting us when you couldn't play this week, we always love having supporters on the sideline :)