Wow what a game!

Date Played: 06/05/2017

Kia Ora Wolfpack  vs Wildcats

Kia Ora Score: 36

Opposition Score: 16

The game was: Wow, Wow wow and wow! Thank you ladies for such an exciting game! 


With 5 players in varying levels of the flu, I was a little worried. But we not only won, we smashed it! Every player on court came to win and you did not take the foot off the accelerator.

Our goal end had to work hard with some very tall defence but Katie's timing with drives were sublime. Bex held hard and drew both defenders so Stacey could drive the circle. Awesome stuff shooters it was great to see variety, solutions, and most of all the goals going in.

Our mid court was fast and intense with defence. Nina and Kellie were so strong it was fantastic when we switched it all around. 

Our defence end was Sasha Fierce! God Damn! Well done to Alley, Eulah, Nina and the two Katie's. Every single lady put pressure on their players, picking up GA so our GD &GK got to tag team GS. That pressure caused a phenomenal amount of turnovers with intercepts and held balls. Every task given to defence was done this week and you all absolutely nailed it!

Well done ladies and thank you for trying different positions, they all worked. This is such an exciting year and can't wait till next year

Special Mention:

Player of the day was our newest addition to the team Katie! Katie you were absolutely phenomenal! Your work load in attack and defence was ruthless. You never let up and your intensity is so exciting to watch!

Next steps:

Timing in attack and feeding. We had some fabulous moments but we really need to do some more practice in this area.

And some thanks:

Naw big thanks to our parents, friends, partners and especially other Wolfpack players who come down to support us.