We go together like peas and carrots

Date Played: 06/05/2017

Kia Ora 9  vs Misfits 1

Kia Ora Score: 13

Opposition Score: 26

A wonderful learning curve for the team and a fantastic opportunity to see different combinations beginning to work beautifully together!


The ladies NEVER gave up during the game. We fought hard to the very end and everyone worked extremely hard. Good to see girls laughing at their mistakes and not getting caught up in them, but then working hard to make sure they didn't happen again

Special Mention:

Player of the match went to Michelle - her defence has improved so much in 2 short weeks and she shut down the opposition GS like a smooth criminal.
We must mention Katarina for playing the role of WD perfectly...to annoy the hell out of the WA...and this she surely did!!!!

Next steps:

Work on our out of court throw ins, working on our passes.

And some thanks:

Thanks to the families who came to support, so nice to see you watching our ladies work hard! Cheers to the KO girls for always being on the side line, even during the last round of games.