Match report for Kia Ora 9

Date Played: 06/05/2017

Kia Ora 10 vs Wgtn Olympic

Kia Ora Score: 19

Opposition Score: 30

This was always going to be an interesting outing. With (almost) a full team we had numerous untested combos, nothing like throwing people together on game day to make things challenging! We knew that Olympic would come roaring out of the blocks and we were not wrong…

Our middies worked together beautifully, staying out of each other’s space and setting up for some great drives to the top of the circle, always offering a backup option for our shooters to pass back out to.

Our shooting circle had their work cut out for them with some tough defence forcing them wide and really hustling, our girls kept a cool head and proved that patience is key, re-working the ball as needed until they found a comfortable shooting spot.

The second quarter saw us come to play; our defence picking up some key rebounds and tips to give us a chance to claw our way back into the game, our middies working tirelessly to bring the ball down and hit the circle edge, all finished off by some GREAT shooting at the other end.
Some changes in the third quarter (sorry ladies) caused us to lose our way as we settled into the new combos. Unfortunately this led to our worst quarter of the match - with our middies struggling to find the feeds to the shooters, our shooters struggling to work together and find space; our defence end (the one thing I didn’t mess with) remained solid with some beautiful leans putting pressure over the shot but unfortunately it wasn’t enough and Olympic took advantage and pulled away.

Our final quarter brought its own set of challenges; losing Steph to calf niggles threw yet another new combo into the mix, the team coped admirably and worked their way through it, bringing back some of the patience of the first quarter.  Our defence end continued to battle against the Olympic shooters but their accuracy meant there were minimal rebounds for us to take advantage of.

A tough day at the office for all, everyone kept their heads and focussed on the job at hand but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be today.