The coach lives to breathe another day.....

Date Played: 27/05/2017

Kia Ora 2 vs WGTN EAST

Kia Ora Score: 30

Opposition Score: 24

The game was pretty to watch.

I have never seen the girls as determined as I did today. I am not making it up (Kirstin will back me up), I literally had goose bumps when they were warming up and I was pretty confident we were about to achieve something special. 
The confidence that they entered the court with remained for the entire 40 minutes. 
They trusted each other with the ball, the timings were on point for the drives, the defence was on bloody fire, and the midcourt definitely belonged to the English today (Tess words!) of Jess and Heidi.
The shooting team of Erin and Anna worked so well with each other, nailing shot after shot, and the patience of the middies and using the resets allowed the time for the passes to open up. 
Ash was on fire at WD and has certainly come into her own in that position. Georgias goal before we started was to leave it all out there on court, and didn't disappoint. The combo of her and Court shut down East shooters and they just couldn't get the ball through the hoop and we all know you have to do that to win the game.
All in all I am so proud of your efforts today - everything we have been working towards came together for the most deserved win I've seen in a long time. Congratulations ladies!!!