Team like a patch-work quilt

Date Played: 27/05/2017

Kia Ora 9 vs Vic Uni 14

Kia Ora Score: 13

Opposition Score: 17

A stressful start to the game with the bare minimum, 6 full strength players and two half game players, then to wake up game day to a sick GD and a GK with a sick kid! No worries, Kia Ora is a wonderful, supportive club and we had fill ins within the hour. The girls played really well for the mix-matched/half strength team we had on the court this weekend. It was a really low scoring game, with both teams having to put a lot of work in to get the ball through the hoop. We got to trial a lot of different combinations in the mid court positions which was really exciting because they all worked! Katarina had a great game in WA, Justine played a solid 3/4s at C and it was nice to move Aimee out into the midcourt giving Sina a chance to spend some more time at GA.


Highlight in defence was our two fill ins, Chelsea and Kate - they played really well together despite only meeting twenty minutes before the game. Having Kate out hunting in GD resulted in a lot of loose ball and intercepts. Chelsea put some amazing pressure on a very tall GS, forcing a lot of balls out the back of the court. Sina, Gemma and Katarina took turns putting pressure on a very zippy WA went in WD, making it difficult for feeds to go nicely into the circle. First game with Holly away meant that we were going to have to get creative with our C bib. Justine played 3 out of the 4 courters in C and did a stunner of a job. Katarina did a great job in WA, not her usual position, sending some beautiful feeds into our shooters. The combo of Aimee and Talei in the circle is working beautifully, and it was great to be able to have Sina in at GA for half a game. She creates great space for Talei to move into.

Special Mention:

Special mention to Justine who was our player of the match this week, dominating the mid court wearing the centre bib, playing it exactly how she wanted to, and it worked well for team 9! She had amazing timing throughout the court both with her drives and her passes, with great patience with her feeds into the shooters.
Also an amazing thank you to Chelsea and Kate for playing this week for us, it was great to have you both! You'll be on the subs list for the rest of the season for sure :)

Next steps:

Even though it was a bit of a mix up with the players on court this week, the girls played well. We really only lost the game in the last quarter where we get a bit tired and our passes got a bit soft going into the circle where the Vic Uni defenders were hunting. Still got to claim that well earned bonus point! Now its time to test out some more combinations - We've been playing with some different combos, but with Aimee going away for a few games, and Holly away too, we needs some more options for the next few games ahead!

And some thanks:

Thanks to the supporters on the sideline cheering us on, I know the girls appreciate it. And thanks to Georgia for coming along to support, even though you had no voice!