Kia Ora 10 Match report

Date Played: 27/05/2017

Kia Ora 10 vs SCOG 2

Kia Ora Score: 20

Opposition Score: 28

What a game! Highs, lows, some nail-biting moments…..all the excitement a game deserves!

We knew this was going to be a tough one, coming up against the top of the table who have played together for a few years now. 
Cool heads and a steady start in the first quarter; scoring off all of our centre passes kept us neck and neck, there was no let up on the pressure to SCOG. 

Bring on quarter 2 where we pulled ahead to be up by 2!! 
Defence working overtime keeping the (crazy tall) shooter out wide and away from under the hoop, forcing SCOG to work thing round and look for alternate options.
Our mid court was on fire! With Rhi wearing her C like a glove and Steph all up in the WA’s grill there was frustration and poor options from their midcourt – which we made the most of with some great pickups through court.
Our shooters were working overtime in the circle; dodging, driving, re-offering. Patience on the feed meant there was very little opportunity for the SCOG defenders to come through and pick up some ball. What a quarter!! 

The 3rd quarter saw some changes from SCOG (which is always a win!). A couple of changes at our end meant it took us a little while to settle and SCOG managed to creep back in and pull ahead by 3. 
Quarter 4 saw SCOGS experience come to play. We’d been working overtime all game but it began to take its toll as we got a bit tired, stopped doing the work off the ball to get free and as the SCOG GD was hunting for everything a few turnovers started to creep in. Props to the girls they never gave up, never dropped their heads, fighting hard and giving it their all right up to the final second – great effort girls!! A ‘few’ calls that should have gone our way and I totally think we would’ve taken out the game
Apologies to whoever happened to be near me on the side-line and was forced to endure my rants and narrative during the game

Special Mention:

Rhi - what a workhorse! It was absolute delightful to see the opposition C's face get darker and darker as the game went on hehe.

Next steps:

Keep doing what we're doing, building week by week we're constantly improving