Just once we'd like to be able to relax!

Kia Ora 1 vs PIC4

Kia Ora Score: 53

Opposition Score: 51

The classic "game of two halves" and one where the final whistle could not come fast enough! Kia Ora 1 are all about the drama this year, can't have those on the bench getting too comfy after all. From 11 goals up at half time following a pretty slick first 30 minutes we decided to once again make a game of it and allow PIC a sniff of victory :) The number of comments I received from people who watched the first half, went off to their games thinking we were well in control only to be shocked with the news of the final score! Drama I tell you, drama!


Everyone contributed to the victory this week and the team work is going from strength to strength as our combos grow!
- Ri, Kate and Keels contended with the tallest defence circle we have come up against, set up some lovely space for feeds and once again came away with a huge number of offensive rebounds
- Sophie and Kirsten were all smiles on court and at every break as they carved up the mid court with their speed and movement (it was sooo pretty!)
- The defensive four (Mel, Bex, Box and Claire) showed once again their ability to change things up, to help each other out (thanks for the coaching tips at 3/4 time Claire) and dig in till the end (and come up with timely intercepts to steady the ship)

Special Mention:

A special mention this week to Kirsten who worked tirelessly all game at WA and did everything she learnt at training and more to earn herself MVP (much to the disgust I am sure of Ri's daughter who was lobbying hard for her mum to be given that award!). Kirsten and Sophie were little dynamos in the mid court and it was so nice to see all the space they had to play with which has eluded us all season. 

But to all the girls, well done on the win - while it was not easy, and was so so so tense, everyone held it together, kept their heads and we got there!

Next steps:

Enjoy our week off, enjoy the fact that we are at least safe in Prem 3 and have some fun for the last couple of games.

And some thanks:

Kirsty and Bridget for being our sideline cover while we were carrying injuries and illnesses, was nice to know we had you there if needed. Thanks also to PIC4 for the lovely, clean game :)