A game of two halves

Date Played: 27/05/2017

Kia Ora 12 vs Vic East 12

Kia Ora Score: 15

Opposition Score: 35

We expected a tough game and got it. When we got on court it looked like we were playing two East teams as they had so many players in their squad! We had a good warm up and started the game well, staying within a couple of goals of East. There was some physical defending in the goal circle but our shooters and feeders kept their cool and took their time feeding the ball to get into a strong shooting position. Nicole was a strong feeder and had her WD on the back foot with her cut and drive to the top of the circle. 

After halftime East rolled out their subs and it was a completely different line up to the first half. Unfortunately they put a lot of pressure on our midcourt and we struggled to get free for the pass. When we did get the ball into our goal third we lost our composure with feeding and rushed passes into the shooters that didn't come off as well as the first half. Down the defensive end the East shooters really got going and despite some great effort by our players to stop the ball getting in the circle, we couldn't stop the goals going in. 

We did manage to put some good pressure on their midcourt resulting in tips, deflections and loose balls. We need to work on recovering the ball and switching from D to attack with composure. Well done to the team for keeping positive on court when it got tough. It was great to see you all keeping your chins up, trying hard to get back in the game and supporting your team mates with positive comments. With the week off we will have a fun training session tonight to help put this game in the past!

POD goes to Emily who had a tough game against a tall and physical GS. You never gave up and changed tactics during the game to keep her working hard for ball and position. And most importantly you kept a smile on your face and stayed positive. 

Special mention to Nicole for a really strong game at WA. You worked hard to put in two moves to shake off your opponent leaving you free for a pass at the top of the circle and most importantly you didn't hide behind your partner, there was great front position!