Unfortunately one we lost for ourselves, but we'll be back!!

Date Played: 20/05/2017

Kia Ora 1 vs QMC1

Kia Ora Score: 44

Opposition Score: 54

The game was disappointing - our inaccuracy and inconsistency cost us against a very steady, controlled and well coached QMC1. On paper we were two very well matched teams, each with the ability to turnover ball on defence and score quickly on attack - unfortunately for us this week our links went missing and we were unable to play our normal game. Credit to QMC for their very solid, error free 60 minutes that took advantage of every mistake we made - lets hope we meet again so we have the chance at turning the tables.


We turned over a huge amount of ball on defence again - tips, intercepts and forced bad passes meant we were getting more than our share of the ball. Of particular note, Keely at GA was a menace, those long arms taking the QMC players by surprise on more than one occasion and Kirsten came up with a blinder of an intercept (2 minutes after she was millimetres from a really glamorous one) - both showing the benefit of attacking players never giving up! 

We also got our 10 players back on the court (welcome back Bex!) albeit briefly (Abbie, Abbie, Abbie!!) and got some good court time for our combos at both end - for a new team the links on court are starting to grow and this is only going to continue to pay off.

Special Mention:

Claire - our MVP this week for a very strong game at both WD and GK. After two weeks of playing full games of WD and working hard to learn her craft in a position she is not used to, it all came together this week. She forced dropped balls, picked up tips and intercepts and did a power of work on attack.
The real fun and games came in the last quarter where she dropped back into the circle and commenced her ding-dong battle with the GS. The play of the day was also a Claire-special - a two-on-one situation with Box penalised out of the circle, Claire suckered the QMC feeders into sending a pass into the circle which she duly snapped up (and to top it off this has been immortalised in photographic glory) - a brilliant piece of defensive work!

Next steps:

Work once again on our court spacing, our passing under pressure, and our accuracy on pass and shot. We need to start converting our own ball and making the most of our treasured defensive turnovers. The potential is there, we just need consistent delivery on that potential.

And some thanks:

Box for her amaze breathing coaching during Abbie's injury break, Bex for surviving 30mins after a US holiday, and the supportive sideline (albeit some with split loyalties as the teachers of our opposition).