This grade is super close!

Date Played: 20/05/2017

Wolfpack vs Olympic

Kia Ora Score: 28

Opposition Score: 28

Oh my lord this was close, tough and a whole lot of hearts attacks! 
We have been light with numbers for a few weeks now and we still had some players struck by the horrible flu. Congratulations on fighting back. It was a draw and we will celebrate it. Well done everyone on court it was an action packed game with some beautiful skill on court. Our shooters were under intense pressure from a very physical defence end. You both drove around great and our shoots went in. Our mid court was super fast and most of time that worked, but you were available which helps defence being it down to you so thank you for being free. Our defence end was stunning, they worked so hard and the play so well. Some sublime intercepts with clean clever work done by our team, we are lucky to have the turn over rate you give us.


Player of the day was Stacey you nailed your shooting this week and you were on fire! You had a player literally hugging and I have never seen you so frustrated, but you stayed focus for the team when most would of lashed out and lost composure. Awesome effort

Special Mention:

Our fabulous cheerleaders Sharon, Lauren and Kellie. Huge huge thank you to our super star fill in Sharon we so appreciate you donning the skirt to help give our poor mid court a quarter to rest from C

Next steps:

We need to work circle work, timing throughout court but timing of the pass too and WA role.