Holly's better at coaching then writing match titles

Date Played: 20/05/2017

Kia Ora 13 vs 22

Kia Ora Score: 7

Opposition Score: 34

The game was a real test of everyone's patience and a further test for my vocal chords on the sideline. A lot of interesting calls throughout the game let us a bit frazzled by the last quarter but thankfully the ladies of team 13 never gave up and I managed to only swear once (under my breath)


NOT A SINGLE STEPPING CALL!!!! So clearly all of my pregame nagging about footwork and whatever Stacey is doing at practice, is working. Once again this was a great defensive game with numerous tips and intercepts. Becky, Amy and Tara made the Vic shooters really earn their keep in the circle and our midcourt racked up a number of tips against a much taller side (seriously what are they feeding these people at uni! There wasn't a shorty in sight). Our shooting team of Kate, Marie and Sam moved together well in the circle and held their own against a strong Vic defence

Special Mention:

All of the ladies deserve an extra large pat on the back this week for keeping their cool on court and refusing to give up. Special mention to Shona who channeled whatever aggression she had in to making her (much taller!) partners game a difficult one

Next steps:

Feeding in to the circle and getting in front of all the giant players of the world

And some thanks:

Thanks to those who dropped by to watch parts of the game and to my chocolate donut which really calmed me down post game