Game of 2 Halves

Date Played: 20/05/2017

Kia Ora 3 vs WGTN girls 3

Kia Ora Score: 19

Opposition Score: 29

This game was Tough!

POD: Briar

We were up against the top of the table today and we knew the school girls would be tough, I think we let this get in our heads a bit as it took us a long time to focus in the first quarter. It’s been our trend lately, slow to start but we finish strong. After being down 10 – 1 in the first quarter it was going to be difficult to pull it back. 

What let us down was our connections through court, timing, and weak/inaccurate passing – the reffing was poor and inconsistent which didn’t help, but we got a bit tanty instead of adaptive (myself included). In saying that, we won the third quarter and lost the last quarter by 1 which showed the girls grit and determination, they did not give up! The third quarter was our highlight, the whole team pulled together and there were some moments of brilliance, we have what it takes to beat this team but unfortunately we couldn’t pull it off on the day. 

Our POD went to Briar who came on in the 2nd half at GD. She was on fire! Gaining the most tips and intercepts in every quarter, she calmed the play and was always there to help bring it down court - if only the team had been on the same juice as her!

Although there are things to work on, a lot of it will come naturally as we play out the season. We are a new team still adjusting to each other’s play and I’m really proud that you pulled it together in the last half, it’s easy to drop heads when you’re on the back foot so I commend you all on that! We’ll learn from this game and take it to their 2nd team when we come up against them this weekend.