Another solid win

Date Played: 20/05/2017

Kia Ora 12 vs Vic Uni

Kia Ora Score: 21

Opposition Score: 9

The game was a good return to form with players adapting well to some new positions.


It was pleasing to see the team demonstrate during the game areas we had worked on at training. We have been working on getting and holding front space to receive a straight pass, limiting the number of lob passes. During the game the team did a great job of doing just that - well done!

The midcourt flowed much more smoothly during the game and is gaining in confidence with each other. There was really good communication bringing the ball down the court and much less bunching. 

We also welcomed back Lucie into the defensive circle this week and it gave us the opportunity to mix up the defensive end. The circle D players had a number of deflections and some clean intercepts.

Special Mention:

The shooting end had a very good game with Kirsten taking advantage of the space that Ang created by timing her drive into the circle. The defence didn't know whether to both drop on Kirsten or keep a player on Ang for her well timed drives into the circle. There was some really good decision making in offloading to Kirsten who held the stronger shooting position under the goal. Ang had a well deserved player of the day for all the great work she put in.

Next steps:

This week we will keep working on driving forward for passes so it becomes a habit rather than being forced into a lob pass.