We Came to win

Date Played: 06/05/2017

Kia Ora 7 vs ST FRANCIS 3

Kia Ora Score: 35

Opposition Score: 31

Preconceived ideas about St Francis being a rough team helped us as we all came out fighting and that didn’t stop until the last whistle. Fortunately they were a nice bunch of ladies! 


A last minute shooting combo worked beautifully as Kariba kept her holding space well, pretty much snapped up every rebound and both shot fabulously with Sarah passing seamlessly when needed to our GS and moving around that circle driving a lot of the base and sinking some awesome long range shots to make a great combo for our feeders. 

Our defence were excellent back up for the centre pass when needed, and the feeders reset much better this week

Special Mention

The third quarter was terrifying as we were up by 7 to start but ended up only up by 1. Sometimes we panic passed it through the middle, but we bought it back in the last quarter with slowing it down and taking that extra second to make the better decision when passing. Some excellent WD intercepts from Amy secured us a few turnovers too. 

Next steps

the centre pass off still needs some work and our defences rebounds need to be more aggressive. 


To Cookie coming to support despite the flu, the partners of some of our ladies as they help keep stats, score for us and generally all round support and some previous Kia ora ladies for their sideline cheering

POD was Kariba-GS