KO9 for the win!!

Date Played: 13/05/2017

Kia Ora 9 vs Karori 4

Kia Ora Score: 24

Opposition Score: 11

The game was incredible!!!! We did a lot of work at training on Monday on getting free and also using our bodies to screen out our partners, and it was amazing to see that being used on court this weekend! Defensive duo of Michelle and Georgia put a lot of pressure in the circle and got a lot of intercepts and rebounds between them, and also good back up/reset options. The pressure on the edge of the circle was consistent no matter who was in C and WD, which is exactly what we needed! The middies were able to bring the ball down the court with ease, always having multiple options for passes. Our shooting team is working well and are learning how each other moves very quickly, which made it easy for me to mix and match the GS and GA positions between the three ladies!


The highlight of the game was the positivity on the court. We lost some ball throughout the game, but heads never dropped and the talk on the court was always encouraging! And more often than not we got the ball back again anyway! Well done girls, you played beautiful, clean netball!

Special Mention:

Player of the match was Holly for some incredible feeds into the circle and for controlling the play coming down the court on attack. Notable mention was Katarina who looked quite shocked when I told her to start in GK! She took it in her stride and did the job well!

Next steps:

Continuing on from last week we will work on balancing the court and driving hard to hit the circle edge. We've got some new combinations to develop and learn, which will give us more options looking further into the season.

And some thanks:

Special thanks to the lovely supporters, good to have that positivity on the side line!!