It was ugly but a win is win!

Date Played: 13/05/2017

Wolfpack (team 11) vs IBDecendants

Kia Ora Score: 23

Opposition Score: 17

We are down to 7 with our GS Bex super sick from a chest infection, but as a team we got there despite it all. We knew these ladies were going to be physical and the goal was to hang off them and hunt the ball. Our defence had bloody field day with intercepts galore. Our feeding was a little rattled at times but had some sublime moments.


Defending from the whole mid court and defence end was just beautiful and you should be very proud of yourselves! Bex you had fantastic game with shooting and thank you Stacey for dropping right back to allow you and your other attackers space to drive.

Thank you so much for digging deep and hanging in there! Our ability to read the game and hang off our partners and then drive for intercepts is absolutely phenomenal and so hard to teach so congrats team!

Special Mention:

Katie you had a tough job in that circle and you and Alley just took your opportunities and hunted intercepts. But for me is when you moved to WD, I know you are not fond of this position but killed it! You came out flying for intercepts. Well done!

Next steps:

Feeding and circle movement is an area we know we need to work on but we have done a bloody good job since we have lost some key players in the first few games. Let's not stress on it it's just an area that needs a bit attention.

And some thanks:

HUGE Thanks to Christina and team 10 for sidelineing our game. You guys are awesome! Again to our beautiful supporters thanks for your positive energy